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From land to land.

Cleo Mascarenhas’s work is an invitation to the reflection and perception of delicateness. Her pottery takes us to imaginary woods, walks at the park, the memories of picnics.

The delicateness present in the shape of leaves and flowers is in Cleo’s look and gesture.

She carefully gathers the greenery of her routine and compresses it into the clay, as if she were sweetly keeping a leaf inside a book.

The greenery display is large, there are leaves of castor oil plant, solanum cernuum, pumpkin, plantago, piperaceae, hydrangea macrophylla, blackberry, grape and only thicket. The leaves, from the branches and from the ground, after being caught, lie on the wet clay giving it their shapes and textures.

Her ceramic glazes of high temperature present a very particular palette, result of research, observation and intuition.

In the experimentations, joining fruit as blackberry and little coconuts to the ceramic glazes, Cleo gets singular effects, as someone who knows how to imitate nature. From land to land.

This adjusted esthetic plagiarism also states, through analogy, the passage between the ephemeral and the permanent.

The brief landscape of the autumn leaves, the color of spring, the smell of “jabuticaba” are softly immortalized in her ceramics.

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